Sunbre upgrades the beach-umbrella to version 2.0. Sunbre adapts to any beach-umbrella. Sunbre is able to recharge any type of devices using USB port and solar energy.

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Project Sunbre

The use of many applications on our smarthphone and tablet limits greatly the duration of the battery, which is also true even for a basic time usage. This is true on the daily basis as well as when we are in holydays and we need to get in touch with our friends and family.

For this born Sunbre, the solar device, which can be installed on any beach-umbrella and that can recharge your smarthphone simply connecting to it by USB steak.


  • CO2 saving - 99%
  • Compatibility - 95%
  • Flexible - 95%
  • Most Speed - 85%

Sunbre 2.0

Technical specifications

The current version of Sunbre is thougth for sun-umbrella which has a stick diameter of 40 mm. Customization might be possible.

In the inner part the sun-device of Sunbre has a battery of 8800mAh, guarantying charging also in absence of Sun.

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